FUCKING CLASSY (i_heart_cameron) wrote in tenchi_rating,

Age: 18
Favorite Quote? Why does it have a significance to you?: "There's no one else to blame" - Breathe Me, Sia; Because it reflects on mistakes.
Likes: People who are polite, have a good sense of humor, and take things well; animals, kids, hot babes, comedy shows, video games, talking on the phone, CAPSLOCKING, starting drama
Dislikes Discrimination, group mentality, anything involving numbers besides money, rudeness, cold people, cynicism
How would you describe yourself? Someone who is always trying to please everyone
How would your friends describe you? Direct quotes: "Hittable" "hardcore" "passionate" "righteous" "loyal" "leaderiffic" "bouncy" "protective" "occasionally venemous"
Favorite Color: Grey
Favorite Food: Ice cream
Favorite animal: Cat
Favorite Character from TM: Washu
Favorite Coupling from TM: Ryoko/Aeka
Least Favorite Color None
Least Favorite Food: Mayo
Least Favorite Animal: SPIDERS
Least Favorite Character from TM: Kagato, what a dick.
Least Favorite Coupling from TM: Tenchi/any of the girls, if he dated one of them it would ruin the dynamic of the show
Hobbies?: Trolling, flame wars, macros, gifs, MSPaint, cute animals [esp. cats], RPing, video games
Talents?: Causing drama
Questions/Comments/Concerns? Fuck yeah Washu!

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