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Tsunami/Sasami are one

Name: Josefina Naomi
Age: 15
Favorite Quote? Why does it have a signifigance to you?:"Each man is master of his own death, and all that we can do when the time comes is to help him die whithout fear of pain." I feel this quote speaks with utter truth and pretty much follows my morals and what not.
Likes:Reading,drawing, debating, contradicting others (even if I know I'm wrong! xD), cooking, homework (yes, I'm weird), joking around, playing pranks on my close ones, being random, wise people, history, RPing, playing video games on my GBA SP, music (anything upbeat but mostly rock),making people smile in anyway I can,cleanliness, being a smart@$$
Dislikes:being restricted, being denoted, people who judge before knowing someone, hypocrites, EXTREME airheads, math, VERY immature people, being forced to use a pen! (Pencils pwn! D<)
How would you describe yourself?: I'm a very smart, eccentric, fun-loving, hyper,caring, indulgent, and special. ^^ (Special in the sense that I need mental help! xD)
How would your friends describe you?: Freaky and perverted.
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Italian Foods
Favorite animal: Hamsters and cabbits! lol!
Favorite Caracter from TM: Sasami
Favorite Coupling from TM: TenchixSakuya
Least Favorite Color: none
Least Favortie Food: Fish
Least Favorite Animal: none
Least Favorite Character from TM: none
Least Favorite Coupling from TM: none
Talents?:being a good resource for things (human encyclopedia/dictionary/thesaurus in some sense), making people tell me things,creeping someone out with my twisted thoughts
Questions/Comments/Concerns?: Nope! All is good! ^_^

Pictures or a Detailed Description of You^^: Yeah, the stupid Quinceñera picture. I need regular pictures of myself! Dx
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