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Sasami and Tsunami = Too cute.

Name: Mikayla
Age: 18
Favorite Quote? Why does it have a signifigance to you?: From the series? "The carnival comes and goes, but it will always come back to you." from Ryoko. :D Something along those lines. I guess it gives me hope that I'll never lose anything in life. Everything is bound to come back to me. Since I'm heading into college I guess that really applies to my friends and what not. Some are going very far far away which upsets me-- But I have hope that if we're destined to be friends they'll come back to me or I'll find my way back to them.
Likes: Music, Art, World and US History, Ecology, Playing Video Games/Watching TV/Reading (Anything that'll give me a good story. ;D), Online RPing with friends, writing fanfics and short stories, daydreaming, marching band/concert band, being oh so liberal.
Dislikes: Creeps. If there's anything in the world I hate it's creeps and everything that comes with them.
How would you describe yourself? Imaginaitive, Creative, Brave once someone shoves me onto the battlefield (Whatever that may be...ex: getting my drivers license. e_e;;) after I get done kicking and screaming. Kinda like Sailormoon. :D;; I think...I surprise myself, is what I mean to say. I do stuff I never thought I could. Like jumping off the high ropes course in my gym class and swinging on a swing...I wish I had a diagram. XD;
How would your friends describe you?My PE teacher told me she's convinced nothing could make me angry. Not true-- But if I'm with good company it becomes true. Like once I fell in the mud while I was camping and it was raining and I just laughed...and then re-enacted it because I wanted it on film. :D So they would describe me as goofy and fun loving-- but always there for them. I know I've told them oodles of times that I couldn't care what hour it is-- they can always call me if they need me. My friend Mal says I have a very 'free spirit'. :B
Favorite Color: Pink, Green, and I like when Pink and Brown are together.
Favorite Food: Chicken Kiev. :3
Favorite animal: I love cats. Hands down. I love almost every animal but there's just something about cats that I love.
Favorite Caracter from TM: Ryoko...And Achika and Sasami come in close behind. I just love their big hearts...Even if Ryoko doesn't always want to show hers.
Favorite Coupling from TM: TenchixRyoko, but sometimes I feel like Ryoko deserves better. Tenchi just needs to pick and put them out of their misery. All of them. :( He's still a great guy though. <3 Oh, and I don't know what's going on in the newest series so....If he has picked. Opps.
Least Favorite Color I think all colors should be appeciated? I guess certain tones of colors bother me. So although I love all colors I hate at least one shade of each.
Least Favortie Food: Hrmmm. I dunno. :x I know I have one but I can't think of it off the top of my head.
Least Favorite Animal: I love all animals...Do bees count? I hate bees and wasps even though they (well...the bees...) do so much for flowers.
Least Favorite Character from TM: I really didn't like Ayeaka-- but I've grown to appreciate her over the years. ^_^
Least Favorite Coupling from TM: ....AyeakaxTenchi? Heck if I know. HarunaxTenchi makes me gag a bit too. NoikixTenchi made me frown too. So I kind of know the newest series-- but I never got to finnish. ^^; I don't think...I think I stopped at a very open ended spot. I guess I just don't like any couple (well, with Tenchi) just because I'm waiting for RyokoxTenchi to happen...But I don't think Tenchi will ever pick a girl....Key word being girl. Hardy har!
Hobbies?: Well, I graduated-- but I was in my school's marching band! I also love roleplaying with my friends. I love getting consumed in stories. :) I also draw, make graphics, and make movies.
Talents?: Uhm, I play the flute? I'm not extremely good--but good enough? XD It's so hard to explain. I was the first flute for my school's Concert Band 1. But Concert Band 1 was the second best band. Make sense? :D Not really...Maybe making people laugh? People say my music videos on youtube are really good?
Questions/Comments/Concerns? Nope. Not really. :D

Pictures or a Detailed Description of You^^

I R BAND GEEK. :D I ♥ marching band.

I R got my hair done. :P I ♥ hair?

I R shutting up. XD Er, that's my Senior photo.

Look, a pattern!

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