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Name: Karen

Age: 20

Favorite Quote? Why does it have a signifigance to you?: "Forget regret or life is yours to miss"... I regret nothing that has happened in my life nor do I regret anything I've done. I take everything as a learning experience.

Likes: Flowers, anime, pearls, lapis lazuli, hanging out with people, playing the piano, candles, traveling, fashion.

Dislikes Pretention, faux designer purses, onions, lizards, heights, forgetting things, early mornings.

How would you describe yourself? Wow. Um. I'm very... unpredictable, is a good way to put it. I like coming up with random things to do and get bored very easily. I also give off the impression of being ditzier than what I really am, which gives people the impression that I'm kind of out-there. I have a tendency to be pretty mean sometimes and I'll be the first to admit that I'm arrogant. I'm very talented and artsy (XP And oh so humble about it, too!) and I love collecting things/making lists more than it should be considered healthy.

How would your friends describe you? They describe me as the volatile, eccentric girl with a flair for the dramatic, a penchant for getting really angry, but usually down for any fun activity, especially if it's crazy. They would also tell you that I can be a little selfish and a little whiny and that my humor tends to be on the risque side. Most would say, though, that deep down inside I am very loyal and caring to them.

Favorite Color: Pink and purple

Favorite Food: Sushi, cheese, and chocolate

Favorite animal: Cats

Favorite Caracter from TM: I'm a Ryoko, Kiyone, and Washuu fan.

Favorite Coupling from TM: Ryoko and Tenchi.

Least Favorite Color Yellow

Least Favortie Food: Meatloaf and onions

Least Favorite Animal: Lizards.

Least Favorite Character from TM: Mihoshi

Least Favorite Coupling from TM: I dunno. Hm. I never really saw Tenchi and Ayeka working out, but I'm biased I suppose. =D

Hobbies?: Knitting, drawing, painting, piano playing, reading.

Talents?: Acting, writing, dancing, singing, getting myself out of "Oh Shit" situations.

Questions/Comments/Concerns? Nope!

Pictures or a Detailed Description of You^^
Photobucket And one with my green contacts...
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