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Tsunami and Sasami are one!

Name: Camille
Age: 14
Favorite Quote? Why does it have a signifigance to you?: The only thing to fear is fear itself.
Likes: Chocolate, Anime, Drawing, Puppies, Wolves, Animals, Forests, TV, manga...
Dislikes People who piss me off, stuff that looks disgusting. TINY SPIDERS!
How would you describe yourself? I'm generally a nice person, caring, thoughtful, sometimes i'm loud, but usually i'm
How would your friends describe you? Sweet,Friendly,Compassionate, Understanding
Favorite Color:Red
Favorite Food:Ramen...bread and stuff. AND CHOCOLATE
Favorite animal:Wolf!!!
Favorite Caracter from TM: Ryoko!!
Favorite Coupling from TM:Ryoko/Tenchi
Least Favorite Colorpea green
Least Favortie Food:Peanuts! I'm allergic.
Least Favorite Animal:Dung Beetle
Least Favorite Character from wait, SAKUYA! aghh! They both annoy me
Least Favorite Coupling from TM:Sakuya/Tenchi
Hobbies?: Drawing, Singing, going on the internet.
Talents?:I'm a good Artist!
Questions/Comments/Concerns? Dun think so

Pictures or a Detailed Description of You^^

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